March 19 2012

Update FreakZ with Contiki OS 2.5

Tags: FreakZ  zigbee  RAVENUSB  contiki   whatcall @ 17:31
Here we try to update the FreakZ_v75 with Contiki 2.5 which is the latest stable release of Contiki OS.
Contiki OS is suitable for small and low cost wireless sensors which are typical event-driven s
March 13 2012

Solve FreakZ issue:Router cannot Join Network Started by Coordinator

Tags: FreakZ  zigbee  RAVENUSB   whatcall @ 17:38
Although my last post can make all debug features available on RavenUSB hardware platform, new issue was found when I tested the basic start coordinator and router functions.

Issue replay

Program RavenStick#1 with all debug swicthes enabled.
March 8 2012

Make FreakZ debug features available via Command-line interface on RAVENUSB

Tags: FreakZ  zigbee  RAVENUSB  contiki   whatcall @ 17:17

I started to study FreakZ stack since last November and this week I try to run on the real stuff (2 RZUSBSticks). Follow the command-line interface userguide, I managed to do the "Start" and

February 24 2012

Write Customized ZigBee Stack on Low Cost Platform

Tags: ZigBee Stack  FreakZ  contiki   whatcall @ 11:6

If we plan to write our own stack for ZigBee Standard communication, how should we prepare?First, we must read the basic specifications.One is IEEE802.15.4-2003 and the other is ZigBee-2007 Pro(the lastest released by ZigBee Aliance). While reading the spec you might want to see if any existed stack that you can refer to. So the next recommended resource is the Freaklabs website( Akiba (creator of this site ) has a open-source project named "FreakZ" which targets on ZigBee standard. Besides the project, there are many tech posts worth reading on this site. Most of them are written by Akiba himself during his research on ZigBee technology.But unforturnately, freakz project is not continued because Akiba turns his focus on 6LowPan.

May 22 2011

LED无线控制动态:Google I/O 2011上的Demo

Tags: LED wireless control   whatcall @ 11:40

这次大会上展示了Google Android@Home的应用,现场有合作厂商的一个LED球泡的Demo,主要是调光的控制,我们可以看到一个bridge设备,演示人员介绍是把灯泡的mesh network连接到IP 网络。所有的架构和我们的设计并无二致,然而欧洲的不少网友对于合作厂商的radio只运行在900MHz颇为失望,并发出Google就是不重视欧洲人民的结论。这实在是冤枉了Google,无线通信频率的选择更多的是合作厂商LSG的事,对于Google来说,不过是个IP通信上的Android平台上开发Framework。希望这个Framework最终成功并开源,那么我们也可以借助Google的东风了。



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